Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sponsor my event?

Our plans for the future are already in place and we're not looking to get involved in other activities at this time. In addition, due to the nature of our industry, it is strictly prohibited for us to get involved in the sponsorship of events involving cars, driving, or motor racing, and those involving anyone under the age of 18.

Thanks again for thinking of Coors Light and good luck in your search for a sponsor.

Can you donate to my charity or provide items for me to raffle?

As we're sure you will understand, being an international company we do receive a large number of requests to support some excellent and deserving causes, and sadly we cannot support each one. The majority of our funding is directed into two areas; our corporate charity, which is currently Whizz Kidz, and local community organisations within a 10-mile radius of our breweries and sales offices. With this in mind, we currently do not have any spare capacity to take on any more sponsorship of charity events that fall out of this jurisdiction and so will not be able to help you at this moment in time. We would like to wish you all the best for a successful event.

Can you provide me with information for a university project?

Unfortunately apart from the information that can be found on or our parent company, additional information on our company or the market that we trade in is confidential. We understand that there is a lot of research on the beer industry that can be found on the internet, but sadly we cannot share any other data that we have at this moment in time. We would like to pass on our apologies we cannot help you out with your request, but wish you well in the rest of your studies.

Can I get some free Coors Light merchandise?

We can't give out free items, but merchandise can be purchased by calling our merchandising handling house (MDA) customer services on +44 (0) 1254 272899. You can also order goods online at

Can I go on a tour of your brewery?

Sadly we cannot help you with this request. However, you may be able to find out more information by visiting the following website:

I’d like to apply for a job at Coors Light?

For the latest vacancies at Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd, please visit for more info.

I received a phone call recently advising me that I’d won a competition prize which I entered at, but I have still not received anything in the post?

Please reply to the email or call the number given in the email or alternatively contact our Consumer Helpline on +44 (0)3457 112244.

How can I stock Coors Light?

If you don't currently stock Coors Light and would like to, please ring free phone 0845 6000 888 quoting Coors Light Website or if you prefer email us with your details below: If you are an existing valued stockist but would like to know more about all of our products please ring the Customer Service desk on 0845 6000 888 (local call rate) or if you prefer email us with your details below and we will arrange for either your local account manager or tele-account manager to give you a call.

I bought a case of Coors Light and there’s a problem with one of the cans / bottles?

Please contact our Consumer Helpline on 03457 112244.